3EX Six Years of Brilliance, Embarking on a New Chapter

The 3EX trading platform recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. In these six years, 3EX has witnessed the ever-changing crypto market. In this era of significant developments, 3EX has not only made the leap from zero to one but also transcended from excellent to outstanding, leading the industry with innovation and professionalism, becoming the world’s first all-in-one AI trading platform. Six […]

Denmark Bitcoin Ecological Summit 2024: Exploring the New Era of BRC-20 and BTC-Layer2

Hosted by @RWA (https://twitter.com/rwa_btc), Coral Finance (https://twitter.com/Coral_Finance), InitVerse (https://twitter.com/InitVerse) Co-host by Posh Niche (https://twitter.com/PoshNiche), HGEX (https://twitter.com/HGRWAexchange), Green Meta (https://twitter.com/GREEN_META_HQ), Genesis (@Genesis_Web3SDK) , MetaBirds (https://twitter.com/MetaBirds_Web3), Acara (https://twitter.com/@acaradao) The 2024 Danish Bitcoin Ecological Summit held in Copenhagen, Denmark, has successfully concluded. The summit made remarkable achievements in exploring the current status and future potential of blockchain technology, especially BRC-20 tokens and BTC-Layer2. […]

The RWA blue ocean market is ushering in big changes: Two Sigma Ventures is using its innovation and foresight to show the infinite possibilities of a new wealth path in 2024!

As blockchain technology continues to mature and its integration with traditional physical assets, investment trends are once again pointing to blockchain projects, especially those digital assets that are combined with physical assets. Against this background, Two Sigma Ventures is leading the upsurge of RWA (Real World Assets) investment with its innovation and foresight, showing the infinite possibilities of a new […]

Embrace New Opportunities in the AI Era — 3EX AI Trading Goes Global

As AI technologies like ChatGPT rise in prominence, the pursuit of AI dividends in the investment sector has become a coveted goal for many investors and institutions. The 3EX trading platform, keeping pace with the times, has launched the world’s first AI trading system, aimed at helping users maximize their economic benefits through intelligent means. Marking the 3EX platform’s sixth […]

Ptah returns strongly to China

Ptah returns strongly to China and subverts all traditional trading platforms The beginning of 2024 ushered in a new beginning. Ptah returned strongly to China, allowing everyone to be familiar with the new trading platform. The birth of blockchain digital transactions also means that a new era and a new future have come, and continuous progress and development in the […]

FIST is coming

  FIST Rune First MEME Coin Released on December 30, 2023, it will be launched fairly on runs. Only participation, everyone is the banker, everyone builds together, and we reach a consensus together. As the first rune promoted by the first community, which will become the largest DAO community in the world, it will continue to grow with the growth […]